Civil Records

Civil litigation records are part of your candidate’s background.

Civil records are non-criminal court cases where the primary goal is not jail time but financial penalties such as fees, fines, judgments, and liens. Civil courts are where tort disputes (such as libel), contract issues, wills, trusts, property concerns, and other legal matters involving private parties are acted out. Uncovering a candidate's civil court history can reveal information about their financial history and character.

County Civil Records

Searches a specified county to identify non-criminal suits filed by individuals or corporations, such as product-liability suits, local civil rights violations, and judgements for nonpayment of goods. Most states divide its lower and upper courts based on the monetary amount of the claim.

Federal Civil Records

For a civil case to be heard in Federal District court, it must involve diversity of citizenship (the parties are citizens of different states or countries), or it must involve potential damages of more than $75,000, or there must be a Constitutional or Federal law violation.

Bankruptcy Search

Searches all 94 Federal Districts which reveals Chapter 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 304 bankruptcy filings, giving insight into a candidate’s financial accountability and track record.