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How a Software Development Company Made Background Screening Easy for Clients

APS Payroll and Verified First

"Since integrating Verified First with APS Payroll, our hiring process has accelerated remarkably. The setup was easy, supported by an exceptional team, streamlining our candidate pipeline significantly." – APS Payroll Customer & HR Manager

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To help customers improve their hiring process with an easy background screening solution, APS Payroll searched for a background screening provider that could deliver a solution to go hand-in-hand with their cloud-based payroll and human resources software. In 2021, APS Payroll discovered Verified First‘s partner program.

Verified First offers personalized screening packages across a multitude of industries like healthcare, hospitality, nonprofits, and more. All APS Payroll’s clients need to do is select the screens that best suit their needs from a variety of offerings such as verification checks and drug screens. Verified First Account Managers stand by ready to assist APS clients in the process of running quick and compliant screens.

Through providing a simplified solution for background checks and drug screens, along with personalized customer care, Verified First helped substantially improve the hiring process for clients while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use they have come to expect from APS Payroll.