Here at Sands Motor Company we have worked with Verified First for about four years, our company has about 460 employees, and being in the car business, we see a lot of employees come and go. We run approximately 25 to 30 prospective hires through Verified First each month and could not be happier. Their level of customer service and overall user-friendly system far exceed anything the competition can offer. Over the past year we have received about three-quarters of our background results within the first few hours of them being submitted, many of which are within 5 minutes. On top of that the vast majority that we do not receive back within the first few hours are still received by the end of the business day or first thing the following morning. Multiple other companies have tried to get us to switch, but when we tell them how quickly we receive results they are either speechless or have told us not to switch, because they could not beat or even match that turn around time. In addition to the amazing turn around time, the staff is extremely helpful, polite, and a complete joy to work with. They truly care about their clients and are always ready to help when an issue arises. Thank you to all of the employees at Verified First for all of your hard work and continuous dedication to your clients, it does not go unnoticed!
Kayla Singley
Sands Motor Company