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Hilb Group | HR Consulting is an administrative services organization (ASO) that provides integrated, affordable HR solutions that include payroll, employee benefits, and human resources management. Hilb Group | HR Consulting uses unparalleled concierge level service to help their clients control capital costs, minimize legal risk, and operate more effectively.

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Because background and drug screening is a critical part of hiring, it’s important for Hilb Group | HR Consulting to have a streamlined process. Through working with Verified First, the company created new hiring efficiencies that improved their bottom line.

The Problem

Prior to working with Verified First, Hilb Group | HR Consulting had a provider that used outdated technology to screen candidates. Because this provider relied on manual processes to run screenings, it increased the turnaround time and potential for human error. Additionally, their HR platform did not allow for integrating background screening into the software — a key feature for clients of Hilb Group | HR Consulting.

The Solution

Verified First added value to Hilb Group | HR Consulting and its clients in the following ways:

  • Streamlined process and ease of use. Screening requests can be made with no paperwork and a reduced possibility of user error.
  • Superior technology platform with more options for integration. Because Verified First can integrate with cloud-based ATS platforms, it opened up more options to service Hilb Group | HR Consulting’s clients.
  • Better experience for clients and candidates. Because of Verified First’s integrated platform, clients can easily view the status of drug and background screenings, eliminating the need for follow up. Additionally, because of the ease of the screening process, candidates receive a smoother onboarding process.

The Results

Since the start of their partnership, Hilb Group | HR Consulting has seen the difference it’s made to their company:

  • Reduced Costs – Because Verified First’s solution eliminates many of the manual processes used by other background screening companies, it can provide competitive pricing. Since switching, Hilb Group | HR Consulting has saved an estimated 33% in hard costs for drug and background screenings.  
  • Reduced Workload – Because Verified First’s solutions eliminates paperwork and provides an electronic chain of custody process, it reduces administrative time for Hilb Group | HR Consulting and its clients.
  • Faster Screenings – After deploying Verified First’s solutions, Hilb Group | HR Consulting cut their time for background and drug screenings in half.

Because Hilb Group | HR Consulting keenly understands the importance of integrated solutions, they were pleased with the outcomes of choosing Verified First as their screening provider.
Melissa Gillespie, Vice President of HR, said, “Employers need to take pre-employment seriously to mitigate risk and protect their companies. To streamline this process, it’s critical to choose a background screening company with the right technology platform. That’s why we couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership with Verified First.” 

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