Fairchild HR Case Study


Fairchild HR is a recruitment company that combines proven recruiting techniques with the most sophisticated technology available. Because their clients rely on them to quickly find and vet top candidates, it’s important for them to have a streamlined process for background and drug screenings. Through working with Verified First, the company created new hiring efficiencies that improved their bottom line.

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The Problem

Fairchild HR relies on background and drug screenings to present safe, qualified candidates to clients. Prior to working with Verified First, multiple vendors were used to run different types of background and drug screenings. Additionally, these services were not integrated with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) used by Fairchild HR.

Because these services were not consolidated, it created inefficiencies in the hiring process. Using different vendors required more administrative time, more effort from candidates, and follow up to ensure that screening reports made it to the client. To improve turnaround time and the candidate experience, Fairchild HR chose to employ Verified First.

The Solution

Verified First added value to Fairchild HR and its clients in the following ways:

  • Streamlined integration process and ease of use. Screening requests can be made directly through the ATS, with no paperwork and a reduced possibility of user error.
  • Consolidation of drug and background screening services. Because Verified First offers both drug and background screening, they provide consistent pricing and turnaround times to Fairchild HR.
  • Better experience for clients and candidates. Because of Verified First’s integrated platform, clients can easily view the status of drug and background screenings, eliminating the need for follow up. Additionally, because of the ease and speed of the screening process, candidates can be placed faster with a smoother onboarding process.

​The Results

Since the start of their partnership, Fairchild HR has seen the difference it’s made to their company:

  • Enhanced Client Relations –  Because of the confidence Fairchild HR has in their integrated drug and background screenings, they have marketed these services more aggressively. Consequently, Fairchild HR has built credibility and increased engagement from clients.
  • Increased Referrals – Because a faster screening process allows them to lock down top candidates more quickly, clients have submitted a greater number of referrals since using Verified First’s integrated solutions.  
  • Reduced Workload – Because Verified First’s solutions eliminates paperwork and provides an electronic chain of custody process, it reduces administrative time for Fairchild HR. This improved process saves several hours per job placement. Since most recruiting firms place hundreds of clients a year, these are significant annual savings.

Because of these results, Fairchild HR anticipates using Verified First for pre-employment screening for years to come.
Keith Fairchild, Founder of Fairchild HR, said, “A streamlined hiring process is critical to our clients, which is why we’re pleased to work with Verified First. Their platform and level of support has been exemplary. We’re optimistic about the future and look forward to growing together!”

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