4 Prominent HR Tech Trends to Expect in 2022

January 19, 2022 by Verified First

4 Prominent HR Tech Trends to Expect in 2022




Even though the new year has just begun, the latest HR trends are already making an impact in 2022. Companies that wish to compete in the new talent market can’t rely on old HR technology to see them through. In order to start the new year off right, it’s time to revamp your HR tech to keep up with the trends.

Whether your organization is for-profit or nonprofit, every company should be working to better their hiring and recruiting strategy. To help you start fresh, we’re bringing you a list of four of the hottest HR tech trends of 2022. Check out this list and learn how you can keep up with the new technology.

HR Platforms for Remote Work

As we discovered in 2021, remote or hybrid work is here to stay. While many employees have settled into their new at-home role, employee engagement is a top priority for HR in 2022. Professionals are turning to technology for new ways to engage their employees in the new year. 

According to TLNT, HR platform technology in 2022 should include digital-based learning opportunities such as video content libraries of developmental information employees can watch from their home office. Such opportunities include tech platform walkthroughs, insights on the organization from executive management, and other information displayed in digestible forms that not only help an employee’s current position but their overall career. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Tech Tracking

With many cities on the brink of new vaccination mandates, tracking vaccination statuses is increasing HR’s workload. Many companies that have already committed to hybrid or remote work won’t have the benefit of in-person data collection of the number of vaccinated employees. 

New vendors are emerging to take this task off of HR’s plate. These HR tech vendors offer automated employee vaccination tracking. Through acquiring vaccination statuses and verifying information, the platform takes care of the work digitally. It compiles the data on its own without HR professionals having to worry about upkeep. 

AI Recruitment Technology

Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals are getting a helping hand from AI recruitment technology. In 2022, companies will be highly utilizing machine learning to analyze and track candidates through the hiring pipeline. While traditional TA roles will continue to include getting the word out on positions and making connections, AI recruitment technology has the potential to amazlyze candidate experience from their resume and provide feedback on qualifications. 

AI recruitment tech can empower a company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, too. By specifying searches to consider candidates with alternative experience or education, a more diverse candidate pool can be created. AI recruitment technology can be personalized for a specific industry’s usage and remains a tech trend that will be prominent for years to come. 

Enhanced Cyber Security 

Protecting client data is a value shared throughout all organizations. HR technology needs to keep up with the new online-focused workforce and protect not only the candidates’ data but also the employer’s. Through enhanced cyber security software, companies are working toward cyber protection within all online platforms.

Cyber safety features geared toward authentication, such as MFA login solutions, are commonplace tech trends for both employee and candidate platforms. With today’s prominent hiring process taking place fully or partially online, established cyber security protocols are a must for a safe work environment. 

In Conclusion

Jumping on these prominent tech trends is the best way to set HR standards for 2022. Implementing and utilizing these solutions will help your organization keep up with the current talent market. While not every item is a perfect fit for all organizations, understanding their potential can uncover areas of improvement within your HR department to address. 

To start off on the right foot, start the new year by integrating your talent acquisition tech stack with us. Through our integrations, you’ll be improving efficiency, reducing biases, and streamlining communication all in a comprehensive platform. Check out our integrations for more information!

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