Volunteer Management and Screening for Salesforce

Recruit, Manage, and Screen Volunteers with Salesforce

Volunteer Management and Screening (VMS) makes managing volunteers more efficient for organizations. Quickly create volunteer needs, easily recruit volunteers and donors, and compliantly and thoroughly screen volunteers—without ever having to leave Salesforce!

Keep your organizations safe with built-in background screening from Verified First—an award-winning provider for client satisfaction. 


Verified First is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner

As a Salesforce AppExchange partner, our clients know they’re getting the quickest and most efficient Salesforce experience. Systems are integrated quicker, processes are automated, onboarding is streamlined, and Salesforce administrators’ lives are simplified. With VMS being available on the AppExchange, your organization can rest assured that they will experience a quick and painless transition.

Robust Volunteer Management

VMS was built for non-profits that are currently utilizing Salesforce for their volunteer needs. VMS takes volunteer management to the next level by providing organizations with an easy way to manage every aspect of their volunteer management needs:

Easily recruit volunteers, manage volunteer needs, track activities, and develop volunteer profiles

Built-in background screening enables organizations to order and track screens on volunteers within Salesforce

VMS leverages your current Salesforce setup and can easily migrate contacts over to the VMS platform

Download our Solution Sheet

Learn more about our robust volunteer management solution in our brief two-page product overview PDF.

Get Started with VMS for Salesforce

Verified First has cracked the nut on how to deliver better background screening experiences to organizations—one that’s faster, easier, more affordable, and more accessible.

Fill out the form and let us know a little about your needs. One of our consultants will reach out to you and build a custom quote and screening package to meet your needs.

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