How does HR win Corporate Buy-In?

Executive Roundtable

July 12th, 2022 | 12 PM ET

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About the event

Join us July 12th at 12 PM ET for an exclusive Roundtable with MSI's Global Head of HR, Chris Courneen!

As a VIP attendee you have the opportunity to explore some of the greatest minds in the industry including Chris and your fellow executives.

Together we'll shift the narrative surrounding HR, align your department with corporate goals, and more.

Meet Our Speaker: Chris Courneen

Chris Courneen Headshot

Chris Courneen

Chris leads the Human Resources division at MS International, Inc. He is responsible for all HR activities across 33 locations in the US, Canada, and India. 

In his current role, he protects the company against risk, ensuring compliance with employment laws, and leading employee relations and engagement efforts.

He also oversees benefits and rewards programs, wellness initiatives, and HR modernization efforts with a focus on automation, big data, AI, and machine learning techniques within their people practices.

Read about MSI, here.

Conversation Starters

Take your conversation to the next level by checking out our HR at The Table series. Chris has been a recurring special guest speaker. Check out what he had to say about alignment and corporate buy-in.

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