Text Messaging

Candidate receiving text message about background screening

SMS Messaging for Background Screening

According to CTIA.org, job candidates respond to text messages in an average of 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for email. One third of those candidates will respond, compared to email’s 8% response rate. It’s clear candidates prefer texting—r u ready?

Your candidates will be able to respond to your request for background screening on the go with text messaging from Verified First. Applicants can securely provide authorization and disclosure remotely on their device using our mobile-friendly online forms.


69% had improved
first-year retention


70% reduced their
​time to hire


60% had improved
quality of hire

Statistics from Aptitude Research, 2019

Download Our Fact Sheet

Our handy PDF fact sheet covers the benefits of mobile-ready background screening and statistics that demonstrate the improvements from communicating with candidates via text.